What is MyTechie?

MyTechie is a new, innovative approach at matching your skillset with growing customer needs via a simple to use mobile app.

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Enabling the Techtrepreneur™

Become a brand trusted ‘village’ techie in support of any technical requirement in meeting industry and consumer needs, supporting everything from fibre-to-the-home installations through to the full Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system, including electrical and other artisan skills.

  • For customers, this means convenience at a finger-click, with the ability to find a local technician or artisan anytime, anywhere.

  • For technicians and artisans, this means free marketing to new potential clients, as well as continually upskilling your career ambitions.

  • For service providers and businesses, this means easy access to a team of brand trusted qualified technicians and artisans in support of your business.

How does it work?

This is more than just employment

We are not offering you employment, but something much better. We are offering you an opportunity to become your own boss, to take control of your own destiny and to enable you to grow from being just a technician into what we call a ‘techtrepreneur’ within your community.

What are the benefits?

Whether you are a 5-Star senior technician/artisan or a newly qualified apprentice/assistant, you could earn anything from around R6 000 to R70 000 per month and more if circumstances allow.

Work Close to Home

You should be able to work close to home where possible and therefore your transport costs should be kept to a minimum.

Flexible Shifts

Why miss your son’s soccer game or your daughter’s graduation? You decide how to use your available time on any given day.

Skills Development

Undergo professionally accredited training courses to progress to become a qualified technician in a matter of weeks.

Economic Empowerment

Become a business person in your own right with the opportunity to build up your own brand, customer base and workload capacity.

Future Employability

Study further and become a network engineer, a project manager or key account manager. With MyTechie, the sky really is the limit.

… and many more!

If you’re unemployed, retired or have spare time on your hands and need a little extra income then why not sign up and get in on a little of the action.

Am I eligible to be a Techie?

To become a Techie, you simply need the following requirements and character attributes:

  • A SA Citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Valid Work Permit for South Africa

  • A valid driver’s licence (a bonus)

  • Access to a motor vehicle

  • Relevant Qualifications

  • Relevant Course Certificates

  • Matric (Grade 12)

  • Relevant technical experience

  • A smart device (with data)

  • Computer Literate

  • Entrepreneurial Appreciation

  • Analytical skills

  • Self-motivated

  • Self-starter

  • Diligent & Quality Conscious

  • Good Communicator (spoken & written)

  • Team orientated

  • Customer focused

What more can I do to capitalise on this opportunity?

  • Increase your opportunity by becoming a member of an affiliated professional voluntary association (VA), and subscribing to a programme of continued professional development (CPD) to keep your skills up to date.

  • Become an Area Leader and provide on-the-job technical guidance and encouragement to MyTechie agents to assist them in successfully completing assigned events to the satisfaction and standard expected by the customer.

I don’t have any qualifications, can I still join MyTechie?

Absolutely! To become a technical assistant you simply need the following requirements and character attributes:
  • Matric (Grade 12)

  • Valid Identification Document

  • Proof of Residential Address

  • Work Permit (if not South African)

  • Access to your own tools

  • A South African Bank Account

  • Self-motivated

  • Self-starter

  • Diligent & Quality Conscious

  • Good Communicator (spoken & written)

  • Team orientated

  • Customer focused

How will I progress from a technical assistant to a technician?

  • Training is available in courses from approved and accredited training providers to ensure the highest globally accepted standards are met by all MyTechie agents.

  • Once a training course is completed, the agent will get a certification as a “Technical Assistant” enabling them to work in the competency learned while under the guidance of a MyTechie qualified Technician.

  • After a period of between 9 to 18 months of working under such guidance, you can apply to be qualified as a Technician. Provided the volume and quantity of work is successfully undertaken, you will then graduate to the Technician level.

A Valued Member of your Community

You will be a proud and valued member of the community who with the assistance of the other approved and accredited Techies in your neighbourhood will look after the technology service delivery and operational eco-system at the point where it matters.

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