Speaking to Mr. Mochaka Judas Napo, you realise that true entrepreneurs have a drive, ambition, and tangible spirit that is totally unique.

Born in Mamelodi in the late 1970’s, Napo said he was “born to fix things” and tinkered with the appliances of friends and family from a very early age.

After Matriculating, he took the unusual career path of becoming a Prison Warder at the Department of Correctional Services, but after some months, realised he needed to follow his dream, and joined SAAB Grintek as a Team member.

But that was not enough to conquer his drive and ambition, and in less than a year, Napo became a became a Fiber-to-the-Anywhere FTTX Team Supervisor at Optical Media Worx.

Napo continued to climb the corporate ladder, and gain further experience and qualifications. But then some two months ago he received a call from Andre Hoffmann, (CEO of My Techie), asking Napo if he wanted to fully embrace his lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur, whilst receiving the full benefit and support of My Techie.

CEO, Mr. Andre Hoffmann explained, “MyTechie is a little different as a company, in the sense that it is a federation of many professional, and vetted independent contractors, qualified Electricians, Technicians, Technologists and Engineers across a broad range of technologies and industries, all accessible and dispatchable via web portal and mobile App.

Competent technicians are enlisted. We ensure that they have been trained, certified for the tasks they are doing and available in the communities they serve.

All equipped with their own smart device, tools and the MyTechie App. Service providers will be able to select the technician / team of their choice and dispatch them in their zone to undertake everything from inside-plant site surveys, optical fiber drop cable installations and equipment commissioning”
He concluded by saying “MyTechie is the gig-economy start-up of many start-ups. Making-A-Difference #MAD in many people’s lives, one small job at a time.

Napo explains that this was the opportunity he had been looking for, and embraced it fully. Over the last two months Napo has purchased two bakkies to the value of R500 000, and wants to further empower other individuals. His aim is to purchase another 10 bakkies and have dedicated teams of professionals that can be deployed throughout Gauteng.

Mr. Machaka Napo concluded by saying, “this is only the beginning, this is the start of my future, that I can control, and I am going to grow big, very big, and my possibilities are endless..”

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