MyTechie is a fast-growing platform that enables ambitious, hard-working engineers, technicians, electricians and other artisans looking for opportunities. MyTechie supports many industries and trade fields including electricians and the Information Communication Technology industry in meeting the consumer and business need for supporting anything technical.

Technicians Onboarded
Communities Served

Our Core Objectives

To Leverage

technology to close the gap between task and skilled resource proximity

To Empower

people to leverage their skills and resources in close proximity to where they live

To Upskill

into the ICT / IoT space by attending accredited micro-courses over time

To Address

unemployment and barriers to ‘experience’ for graduate engineers and technicians

To Facilitate

growing market need to aid the technology explosion in private spaces

To Hard-Code

‘quality’ and ‘competence’ into the DNA of the business up front

Our Leadership

André Hoffmann (aka The Hoff)


André is an ICT and engineering professional, having worked in the industry for over 40 years. A veteran of the Telecoms industry in South Africa and now a gig-economy entrepreneur where he is leveraging technology to go ‘beyond-the-fix’ by creating job creators through his MyTechie business. André is Past President of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers and a registered Engineering Technologist with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

Our Team

Stephanie Budlender

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie has over 30 years’ experience in financial and business management consultancy. Qualifications include an undergraduate degree in Accountancy, registered as a Chartered Accountant South Africa, an MBA with a specialisation in e-commerce and Internet Technology.

Sharon Peetz & Janine Meyer

Pepper ‘n Salt Communications

Sharon and Janine offer a wealth of skill and experience in strategic communications, public relations, brand activations and the events market. Sharon has been in the tourism, events
and communication industry for over 25 years. Janine has been in the sales and marketing industry for over 25 years.

Clemence Nyambuya

PROJECT Management

Clemence is a seasoned Telecoms and ICT professional with over 20 years of experience. Before joining MyTechie, Clemence worked for various telecommunications companies including TelOne, Telsaf Data, Broadband Infraco, MTN SA and lastly Supersonic where he held various leadership roles within the Network Planning division.

Clemence has a Master’s in Business Administration Mancosa 2012, a Bachelor of Science (Hon) Information Systems (Midlands State University) (2007); City and Guilds London, Advanced Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (2002) and a Diploma in Education 1996.

He also has certifications in Advanced Project Management; PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner and ITIL Foundation and Service Strategy.

This wealth of knowledge and experience makes Clemence an invaluable Project Manager of MyTechies.

Jason Wheeler

Compliance manager

Jason is a professional travel consultant with 27 years experience, in the corporate/leisure travel sector, focused on corporate travel management. With an excellent understanding of formulating and managing  SLA’s, as well as being highly qualified in planning, logistics, and the management of organizations and third parties, the experience that Jason brings to MyTechie is invaluable.

With more than 10 years experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, Jason became an entrepreneur and became an Independent Travel Consultant, with his own Agency, achieving a number of Awards including in 2011, being announced as the leading ITC Award for the eTravel group.

Jason’s strength in management skills, customer service, and communication have ensured that our members of MyTechie are fully compliant with all necessary regulations and codes.

Our Foundation #MAD

The Make-A-Difference foundation was established in 2019 and serves to prepare the South African youth to be Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) ready by providing affordable training platform in the form of an outreach for youth development in the areas of electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and renewable energy systems. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any experience – can I still participate?2021-04-12T17:20:23+02:00

No problem, at MyTechie we will try to pair you up with an experienced techie in your area, to give you some work experience in the field and get you to a point of confidence to be able to work independent and form you own team.

Each one takes the hand of the next one and we help each other to succeed at MyTechie.

The experienced techie team leader will get a better rate from MyTechie as we do charge a 12% admin fee instead of the usual 15% if they are using one of our qualified assistant interns on the job.

We are building capacity for our country.

What is an Area Leader?2021-04-12T17:20:15+02:00

A MyTechie Area Leader is one of the operating techies that is highly experienced and competent in their field. They are not employees of MyTechie, and they are not the line managers of any of the operating technicians / electricians in the area or turf they may be working in.

They are responsible for the smooth running of all the work done in the discipline they are leading in (telecoms, or electrical etc) in the area or turf that they oversee for MyTechie South Africa.

They are a customer deliverable facilitator and will aim to motivate the team to maximise their opportunities by building up their available skill sets through accredited training providers.

They will deal with any ISSUES that may arise in the course of work being done in their area. Issues such as customer complaints, poor workmanship, poor service ratings (1 and 2), accidents, out of SLA jobs etc.

They will provide some leadership, mentorship and guidance to Techies working in the area. They want you to succeed and not make mistakes and they want you to develop in your businesses.

Reactively – They will investigate any issues and assist with their resolution to the customers satisfaction.

Proactively – They will do occasional spot checks at your work sites, occasional tool / vehicle, and PPE checks to see that all the MyTechie teams are operating to the customers’ expectations. They may even interview prospective new techies wanting to work in their area. It is all about teamwork and building professional relationships.

They can assist with things like materials and logistics where required and they are they to help you succeed in any way they can. We will have more than one Area Leader in any area.

We may be a cold clinical ‘platform’ in many respects, but we have a human face, and we make the customer experience more human and less like a ‘number’ in a call centre queue. The village technician / artisan and the Area Leader are a formidable team in demystifying technology for the consumers. The platform MyTechie provides for you is just the enabler to improve service delivery efficiencies.

They will get a retainer of 10% of the MTSA revenue (up to a monthly cap to be determined) for successful work done in their area to be the Area Leader, so they are incentivised to ensure all the work is running smoothly and all the techies working in their areas are well trained and equipped to perform.

If you feel you can handle that role you need to motivate us, and we can consider giving you an Area Leader role to try out in addition to any normal tasks you do in the App.

Obviously, the more effort you put in to developing a strong and competent team around you the easier your job will be. Take pride in your area and in your team. Be the solution and take control of your own destiny.

The Area Leader should be competent in the understanding, appreciation, and execution of the activities within the domain of activities undertaken by the agents in their area.

The Area Leader should be able to provide on-the-job technical guidance to agents to assist them to successfully complete assigned events to the satisfaction of the customer and at the Standard expected by the customer. Furthermore, to encourage agent team to be able to successfully complete events independently.

As an Area Leader what will be expected of me?2021-04-12T17:19:41+02:00
  • To maximise the successful completion of system events in your area.
  • To identify and recruit new agents into your team when required.
  • Motivation and mentorship of agents.
  • To do random work site visits and tool checks.
  • To investigate and resolve any issues escalated by the MyTechie System.
What are the requirements to be considered for an Area Leader?2021-04-12T17:19:35+02:00
  • A South African Citizen, or a permanent resident with a valid work permit to work in South Africa.
  • A valid driver’s licence.
  • Access to a motor vehicle.
  • Resources such as Suitable smart device (Mobile phone / Tablet) including sufficient data.
  • To lead by example.


  • Grade 12 (Mandatory)
  • Other qualifications such as a relevant B-degree or a Diploma would be an advantage.


  • At least five (5) years’ experience in a relevant technical field with at least three (3) in a team-leadership role.


  • Domain specific knowledge applicable to the work undertaken in the area.
  • Be familiar with the MyTechie Policy and Code of Conduct


  • Computer literate.
  • Good communicator in your home language and in English.
  • Entrepreneurial appreciation.


  • Self-motivated.
  • Self-starter.
  • Diligent.
  • Tenacious.
  • Accurate / Quality conscious.
  • Team orientated.
  • Customer focused.


If you think you have what it takes to be an Area Leader, then send an email to techie@mytechiesa.co.za for the Country Manager consideration of your application as an Area Leader.

Why should I participate in the MyTechie program?2021-04-12T15:53:36+02:00

As a provider of training, it should be of paramount importance to you to not only churn our trained people but also to meet an industry need as then your service will be sustainable.

That said it is important to the industry that the resources coming out of your training courses are genuinely competent and meet and maintain a certain standard.

Working with industry associations such as the fibre-to-the-home Council we have set the ambitious goal of developing a Career-Passport for technicians and practitioners in this environment to start working towards a national standard that is benchmarked with international best-practice.

For this reason, it is imperative that as a potential training provider to the MyTechie eco-system you will need to have to have your courses subject to professional accreditation and endorsement by the relevant industry association.

This will be a marque of quality that will set your training program apart from others.

To this end, we have engaged the services of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) (www.saiee.org.za) and others to provide accreditation services to the DigitalCouncil Africa which in turn will be a requirement for any technician agent working in MyTechie.

It is only in this way quality of output is assured and the virtuous circle can be sustained.

Register here to get your courses accredited for use by the MyTechie agents.

Mobile Device: 11 Steps2021-04-19T13:28:49+02:00

It is important to have good mobile data signal to speed things along

  1. Restart the Phone.
  2. Check the free space of Internal Storage. It should at least 200MB, but 500MB is recommended.
  3.  Check and perform an Operating System update.
  4.  Check and perform all App Updates. If there is not enough space to do this, remove unnecessary files and unwanted apps to free up some space.
  5. On Android devices: Go to App Settings and make sure to clear all app data/cache, then Uninstall the App and re-install the MyTechie app.
    1. On iOS devices, uninstall and re-install the MyTechie app.
  6.  It is recommended to RESET Camera Settings.
    1.  To do this on Android, go to the Camera App Settings under Settings > Apps > Camera > Reset.
  7.  Log in to the MyTechie app and sync.
    1. If your app has the On/Off Duty Switch, turn off the On-Duty Switch first and then perform a sync.
  8. Try to reproduce the issue you were having, making sure that the permissions “Always Allow” are selected as they pop up.
  9. If the issue remains, please submit Troubleshooting data, making sure the data has been successfully sent.
  10. Add the above results to the relevant tickets.
  11. Centricity Support will investigate further and contact you back as soon as possible.
What is the MyTechie application and platform?2021-04-12T15:11:14+02:00

It is a digital marketplace for matching skills and services to be traded between individuals or companies and their customers on a willing buyer, willing seller basis. The platform has a mobile task orchestration application that gives customers access to trained and certified technicians and artisans from within their communities who are notified of their requirements by means of the MyTechie App on their smart devices.

What is a MyTechie?2021-04-12T15:13:09+02:00

MyTechie is a little different as a company in the sense that it is a federation of many professional and vetted independent contractors qualified Electricians, Technicians, Technologists and Engineers across a broad range of technologies and industries all accessible and dispatchable via web portal and mobile App.

Technician-as-a-Service or Electrician-as-a-Service, or Plumber-as-a-Service etc. not unlike Uber as I am sure you get the picture.

We aim to build South African owned businesses, so that we can make a difference in the future of our country and its diverse people.

MyTechie allows South Africans to tap into a trusted team of brand trusted ‘village’ technicians in support of the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) industry and other technical industries in meeting the consumer needs. Supporting everything from fibre-to-the-home installations through to the full Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system across its lifecycle from the private property boundary gate and in and around the smart home. Starting with basic fibre-drop installations and progressing right through to the connected ‘Smart Home’ eco-system.

Competent technicians are enlisted. We ensure that they have been trained, certified for the tasks they are doing and available in the communities they serve.

All equipped with their own smart device, tools and the MyTechie App. Service providers will be able to select the technician / team of their choice and dispatch them in their zone to undertake everything from inside-plant site surveys, optical fibre drop cable installations and equipment commissioning.

Why should I use the MyTechie service?2021-04-12T15:14:43+02:00

As a consumer we acknowledge that you demand good value for money, and we understand that any service provider wanting to work in your home or business premises not only needs to be competent in the work to be undertaken but also needs to subscribe to the highest standards of professionalism and conduct.

Working with industry associations such as the Digital Council Africa and others we have set the ambitious goal of developing a ‘Career-Passport’ for technicians and practitioners in this environment to start working towards a national standard that is benchmarked with international best-practice.

All technicians in the MyTechie team are fully vetted, trained and mentored to provide the very best service and give you as the technology consumer a level of confidence and trust in the brand.

What can I expect to get by using MyTechie?2021-04-12T15:16:05+02:00
  • Access to many reliable, competent and certified technicians in your area.
  • Appointments scheduled to suit your circumstances.
  • Guaranteed workmanship.
  • Expert advice on demystifying the many complex service offerings from the Service Providers.

By supporting MyTechie you will be part of a grander programme that:

  • Drives and maintains skills and experience development.
  • Provides opportunity for the under and unemployed.
  • Empowerment of local people by providing a roadmap to economic independence.
  • Improves the efficiency of the ICT eco-system.
How are technicians or electricians selected to work in the MyTechie system?2021-04-12T15:16:52+02:00

Technicians are trained by industry approved training providers who in turn are accredited by professional technical institutes to ensure the highest globally accepted standards are met by all MyTechie agents.

Once a training course is successfully completed through an accredited training institution the agent will get a certification as a “Technical Assistant” and will have their ‘learners-licence’ enabling them to work in the competency learned while under the guidance of a MyTechie qualified Technician.

After a period of between nine to eighteen months of working under such guidance the agent can apply to be qualified as a Technician and provided this is supported by the volume and quality of work events successfully undertaken through the MyTechie system and is supported by the associated MyTechie qualified Technician, the agent will then graduate to the Technician level.

Each region has an area leader who provides customer support and support the technicians to drive customer satisfaction.

As a customer, you get to rate every task undertaken by the MyTechie team and every agent technician is incentivised to complete tasks to the full satisfaction of both you as the customer in whose premises they work with pride and your service provider.

Technician certifications are valid for up to three years and depending on field performance will undergo periodic re-assessment and re-certification to ensure that they maintain competency and keep abreast of technology developments in the field.

How does the system work?2021-04-12T15:17:43+02:00
  1. Qualified and certified technical agents in good standing will be visible to service providers and customers via the MyTechie web portal and app.
  2. Dispatches will be scheduled with agents and customers via the portal and app and specify the work required, the standard and code of conduct applicable and the location details.
  3. The service provider making the request will provide the material or equipment where required.
  4. Access to gated communities and high security facilities will be facilitated by the relevant customer assisted by the MyTechie app which will ensure the authorised agent team presents at the appointed time.
  5. Once the job is completed, the agent will fill in the completion form on the App, upload the job completion record and rate the customer.
  6. The customer will rate the agent performance and workmanship.
  7. The service provider will rate the agent’s performance.
  8. MyTechie will collect all payments, reconcile and pay the agent at month end.
  9. No cash changes hands, all transactions are done through the MyTechie portal and App at approved rates.
What are the benefits to me of using the MyTechie service?2021-04-12T15:18:15+02:00
  • Training courses are industry accredited and benchmarked internationally.
  • Ongoing continued professional development (CPD) will ensure a continuous training of technicians will be required over time.
  • Inside plant works will conform to industry standards.
  • Security of access is maintained by the strict authentication and tracking via the MyTechie system.
  • Self-regulated ecosystem with immediate bi-directional customer quality of service feedback.
  • Drives and maintains skills and experience development.
  • Provides opportunity for the under and unemployed.
  • Empowerment of local people by providing a roadmap to economic independence.
  • Improves the efficiency of the ICT eco-system.
  • Technicians with such experience will be more employable if they choose to go into formal employment after doing this work for a while.
How do I find a qualified and available MyTechie?2021-04-12T15:18:47+02:00

First you will need to register as a user on the MyTechie platform and accept our terms and conditions. You will then be able to enter your requirements in an online form and search for the specific services and skills you may be looking for in the area where you will need the services performed.

How do I pay for the service?2021-04-12T15:19:27+02:00

You will register a profile on the MyTechie website or application where you will also be required to enter details of your payment method.

How do the MyTechie ratings work?2021-04-12T15:20:43+02:00

The MyTechie technician and technical assistant as a team are rated on service and workmanship by customers and service providers for each task undertaken on a scale from 1(poor) to 5 (excellent) as below:






1 2 3 4



How do I see what ratings the MyTechie has?2021-04-12T15:21:29+02:00

All MyTechie technicians and technical assistants are meticulously vetted by the MyTechie South Africa and its partners and they are accredited before they are authorised to use the MyTechie system. You can check their latest ratings before accepting a particular MyTechie agent to undertake your service.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities to support MyTechie?2021-04-12T15:22:32+02:00

‘One of our challenges we face is equipping the enthusiastic young tech-entrepreneurs who have just qualified and need to be able to work independently. Things they normally get from their employers. Like PPE, a vehicle and their tools and test equipment. Even a decent ruggedised smart device is expensive and an essential tool in this gig-economy, not to mention airtime and data costs… this can be anything from R50 000 to around R500 000 in capex, depending on various factors per team of 2 to 3 individuals.’

Each functional team properly equipped becomes a viable small business entity that we can enable and build into a successful local business with support.

  • Smart phones / laptops
  • Branded workwear
  • Airtime and data
  • Vouchers
  • Vehicles
  • Training
  • Tools
  • PPE

How can you help?

These people are not looking for handouts – however, a small business loan will be helpful for these small village tech start-ups.

Call to action. Please email andre.hoffmann@mytechiesa.co.za to discuss how you can get involved.

What do I get?2021-04-12T15:24:54+02:00

As a service provider, you get to rate every task you dispatch, and every agent technician is incentivised to complete tasks to the full satisfaction of both you as the service provider and your customer in whose premises they work with pride.

Technician certifications are valid for up to three years and depending on field performance will undergo periodic re-assessment and re-certification to ensure they maintain competency and keep abreast of technology developments in the field.

All MyTechie work is fully guaranteed, and any event paid for will be credited back to the service provider if the work is not completed to your satisfaction.

The specific benefits to you as a participating service provider are:

  1. Service offering: We are offering to ‘match’ YOUR customer with a qualified technician.
  2. Ease of procurement via the Portal / App.
  3. Self-employed independent contractors- not salaried persons- promoting entrepreneurs.
  4. Single registered supplier on your system to pay many technicians / independent contractors – with ease of administration. The ability to have many suppliers with only one single payment system.
  5. Access to hundreds of quality and certified technicians around the country – available on-demand and close to your customers – in fact a part of their communities
    • Why increase headcount when you tap into a team of competent and motivated resources?
  6. For Installations – It is on demand and a cost of sale.
  7. Accurate inside plant records of all as-built works undertaken.
  8. You no longer have to employ so many technicians at the ‘edge’ (close to the customer).
  9. The work completion is guaranteed – If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.
    • Inside plant works conform to industry standards.
  10. This is a self-regulating ecosystem with immediate bi-directional customer quality of service feedback.
  11. Accurate and up to date skills record of all technical agents used.
  12. You will be part of a grander programme that:
    • Drives and maintains skills and experience development.
    • Provides opportunity for the under and unemployed.
    • Empowerment of local people by providing a roadmap to economic independence.
    • Improves the efficiency of the ICT eco-system.

You can register here to become a participating service provider.

What are the benefits of becoming a MyTechie?2021-04-12T15:25:51+02:00
  • Firstly, you should be able to work close to home where possible and therefore your transport costs should be kept to a minimum.
  • Why work for a boss when you can work for yourself?
  • You will decide how to use your time available on any given day. Why miss your son’s soccer game or your daughter’s graduation? You work or don’t work when it suits you.
  • With one or two years of MyTechie experience you will have a better idea what you want to do with your career. Study further and become a network engineer, a project manager or key account manager. The sky really is the limit.
  • If you are unemployed, retired or have spare time on your hands and need a little extra income (who doesn’t) then why not sign up and get some valuable work opportunities in your area.
What does it cost to participate in MyTechie?2021-04-12T15:26:45+02:00

Yes, there are some costs to operating in the MyTechie platform and while we are in this set-up phase, we will keep them to a minimum.

  • There is a once off cost to join MyTechie of R500 to cover the onboarding administration and the validation and background checks we are required to do on each of our operating agents. This can be settled directly or after your first job, so no need to pay anything upfront at this stage.


  • There is a monthly licence fee we each pay for the mobile App (where) we get the jobs. This is expected to be R100 per month. This covers the licence fees to owners of Centricity (the platform on which MyTechie is built).


  • The MyTechie administration fee which is based on the services (excludes any material) amount of each assignment. This ranges between 5% to 15% as a ‘cost-of-sale’ of the service fee you have charged the client for the task / project. Thus, giving you between 85% and 95% of the services fee for each of the tasks you accept on the system. NB material and equipment used is excluded from this calculation and is passed through directly between you and the client. (More about the rules for the 5% to 15% admin fee later).


MyTechie will act as your Agent will with you the Principal whereby, we will attend to the invoicing and payments between your customer and yourselves. Full records and statement will be available from the system, so there is no need for you to carry invoice books around with you. All you need to do is capture the job completion evidence on the App, get the client to sign off in the App and we do the rest.  You do need to notify us if you are registered for VAT as this needs to be recorded on your invoice.  Invoicing can be from your Company to the client or from you as an individual.

What are my contractual obligations?2021-04-12T15:27:47+02:00

When you accept to work on the MyTechie platform you gave the opportunity to accept or reject our Terms and Conditions on our website. These represent your obligations to MyTechie South Africa as your agent and our obligations to your as our principal customer.

If you accept an order on the system (or mobile App) from one of your customers, then at that point a contractual obligation is created for you to follow through and complete the order for your customer (i.e. Supersonic, CBI, Vox etc.) and to their satisfaction.

It is at that point that they (your customer) will have an obligation to pay you for the work you will do for them using the MyTechie platform as your appointed agent for the work provided you complete it to their satisfaction. MyTechie will orchestrate and facilitate all of this via the platform including the collection of the money due and paid to you.

If you accept no orders on the system, then no contractual obligation will arise for you other than the Terms and Conditions you will have accepted to be on the platform.

How does it work?2021-04-12T15:32:26+02:00
  1. Qualified and certified technical agents in good standing will be visible to service providers and customers via the MyTechie App or web portal.
  2. Dispatches will be scheduled with agents via the app and specify the work required, the standard and code of conduct applicable and the location with contact details.
  3. The service provider making the request will provide the material or equipment where required.
  4. Once the job is completed, you will fill in the completion form on the App and rate the customer.
  5. The customer will rate your performance and workmanship.
  6. The service provider will rate your performance and completion record.
  7. MyTechie will collect all payments, reconcile and pay you out at month end.
  8. Opportunities include site surveys, installations, maintenance, and commissionable sales and much more.
  9. There is an area leader available in your area to assist your where required.
How can I apply to become a MyTechie technician or technical assistant?2021-04-12T15:33:28+02:00

You can apply online by sending your CV and supporting documents to techie@mytechiesa.co.za After your application has been processed, access to our Training Portal or our validation service provider will be provided where you will undertake a series of online training modules including assessment. Once you have passed your online assessments, we will provide access to our MyTechie mobile App so that you can start receiving tasks and earning money.

What qualifications do I need to become a MyTechie technician or technical assistant?2021-04-12T15:34:25+02:00

You will need a minimum of Grade-12 (Matric) and at least one accredited skills certification (e.g., Certified Fibre Optic Technician, CCNA, VSAT etc.) to be considered as a MyTechie technical assistant. However, to be graded as a technician you will assessed based in your validated qualifications and course certificates and experience. As a minimum you need the following: –

  1. Matric (Grade-12).
  2. Valid identification document.
  3. Proof of residential address.
  4. Work permit if not South African.
  5. Some skills certification like (CFOT, CCNA, etc.)

You will have the following attributes: –

  1. Good communicator (spoken and written)
  2. Self-motivated.
  3. Self-starter.
  4. Quality conscious.
  5. Team orientated.
  6. Customer focused.

You will be required to: –

  1. Have a smart device (phone or tablet).
  2. Have your own tools.
  3. Driver’s licence (an advantage).
  4. Have a valid South African banking account.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions to operate as an independent contractor with the MyTechie South Africa as your agent.
How will I get paid?2021-04-12T15:35:08+02:00

Each MyTechie agent will be paid according to the Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs) they accept when logging onto the MyTechie organisation platform. By accepting the Ts and Cs you are appointing MyTechie South Africa as your agent and authorising MyTechie SA to invoice for your services on your behalf to your customers.

This is based on the number of successfully completed tasks you have undertaken using the MyTechie App in the period. The MyTechie system will tabulate all the successfully completed tasks you have participated in each period and will generate an invoice (Sales or Tax invoice) on your behalf to your customer who will review the invoice and then make the necessary payment to you via your appointed collection agent being MyTechie South Africa.

After receiving your payment, MyTechie will credit your account and invoice you for the MyTechie administration fee (between 5% and 15%) of the services fees invoiced to your customer.

The balance in your account will be transferred to your bank or paid into your digital wallet as determined by you.

How do I get work from the MyTechie system?2021-04-12T15:35:51+02:00

The participating service provider or a customer selects a MyTechie according to their suitable skills, availability, rating and proximity to where the service is required. Or the participating service provide may place the work in a pool for review by any agent working in that pool.

What will I be expected to do?2021-04-12T15:36:30+02:00

By joining MyTechie you will become part of a trusted team as a brand trusted ‘village’ technicians in support of the many technical industries in meeting the consumer needs. Supporting everything from fibre-to-the-home installations through to the full Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system across its lifecycle from the private property boundary gate and in and around the smart home. Starting with basic fibre-drop installations and progressing right through to the connected ‘Smart Home’ eco system.

Why should we work in teams?2021-04-12T15:37:02+02:00

For reasons of work operational safety. (Someone needs to hold the ladder). A helping hand on the job makes things safer and go quicker.

Viable teams have complementary skills and resources. For example, an electrician with a bakkie and tools and good hand skills will be an asset when paired up with a network or fibre technician – as a team they will get more opportunity in the market.

Development objectives allow for a less experienced techie (intern / apprentice) to assist the team leader and help with the experience they need to graduate as a technician.

Each one takes the hand of the one below and we lift each other up in this MyTechie family.

What can I expect to earn as a MyTechie agent?2021-04-12T15:38:12+02:00

Your earning potential as a MyTechie Agent is dependent on three key things; 1) your availability on the system; 2) what skills you have available and would be willing to learn and 3) what services the customers in your area are looking for in a given period.

This is what we call the ‘opportunity density’ around where you live, and your earning potential depends on how many successful tasks you can complete in any period of time.

The MyTechie system will aim (over time) to provide you with enough opportunity to the capacity (in time and skill) that you have available.

The MyTechie system is based on certain assumptions and projections, that said we believe that a reasonable monthly earning potential based on a sample task load is as follows: –


Basic With incentives

Technical Assistant

R6 000 R7 500
Technician R29 100

R33 800 to R55 000


Please note the values stipulated in the table above are indicative and are in no way guaranteed. Your actual remuneration will depend on the quantity of successful tasks completed in any remuneration period and may be less or most likely more than the amounts indicated in the table above depending on how you take advantage of the system.

Please discuss your earning potential with your area leader.

How do I qualify for the incentivised earning package?2021-04-12T17:17:08+02:00

The MyTechie system is differentiated by building a golden thread of ‘quality’ into the ‘DNA’ of the system. We sincerely believe that our clients; being the service providers and customers that use and pay for our services demand and expect nothing less than a quality service.

One of the ways we do this is to encourage all our technical agents to do two things. 1) to become members of an affiliated professional voluntary association (VA) and 2) to subscribe to a programme of continued professional development (CPD) to keep your skills up-to-date. If you comply with this then you will be remunerated at the higher rate for all the tasks you undertake in the system than if you are not a member in good standing of such a VA and your course and qualification are not undertaking through accredited training providers.

You can find affiliated professional voluntary associations to join here.

These are the courses that are accredited by MyTechie here.

If I get accepted to be an agent in the MyTechie system am I getting a job?2021-04-12T15:41:58+02:00

No! – we are not offering you employment; we are offering you something much better than that. We are offering you an opportunity to become your own boss, to take control of your own destiny and to enable you to grow from being just a technician into what we call a ‘techtrepreneurTM’ within your community.

Embracing this opportunity means that you will not only get remuneration for the skills and experience that you currently have but you will get access to training and support to build up new skills and experience to add more capacity to your skill-set and therefore more earning capability. It will be your choice as to whether you say in the MyTechie system or eventually decide to join a company in part-time or full-time employment as you will have demonstrable experience form any work you undertake in MyTechie.

What tools do I require?2021-04-12T15:44:50+02:00

All the basic tools to do the job such as:

  • Pick
  • Spade
  • Screw drivers
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Longnose pliers
  • Side cutters
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wall plugs
  • RJ-45 crimping tool
  • Step ladder

Some of the more specialised tools will be an advantage such as

  • Splicing machine
  • Cleaver
  • Tube splitter
  • Fibre stripper
  • midspan access tool
  • DUCT cutter
  • Power meter
  • Light source
  • Patch leads
  • Pig tails
  • Trunking for drop fibre

You will also need to carry some consumables such as:

  • Cleaning alcohol and wipes
  • Wall plugs / rawl bolts
  • 20mm PVC conduit
  • Saddles for the conduit
  • Cable ties

This is one supplier that you can look at for the more specialised tools for a fibre technician: http://www.fttxenergy.co.za/

What Smart phone do I need?2021-04-12T15:45:54+02:00

Please look at this link for the recommended requirements in terms of a smart phone for the MyTechie App and platform. https://justsolve.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CS1/pages/1067548676/Device+Requirements


For those of you considering a new smart phone for all this MyTechie work. https://ruggedsa.co.za/ sell a great field smartphone at around R5000. Armor 8 Device (6.1”+Android 10+4GB+64GB+5580mAh). And we have arranged a unique discount code made for our MyTechie Team, please note that this discount code is 10% off of any product or total of the cart, and it can applied at the RuggedSA checkout page. Use this Discount Code: JMRQ0RKPJS6X

What if I do not have the tools or a vehicle?2021-04-12T15:46:39+02:00

If you do not have the working capital, the tools or the vehicles, then you need to team up with someone near you that has, maybe and electrician or a plumber or a DSTv technician – look around you where you live, form a little team and jointly attack the business opportunity. Jobs (with companies) are not easy to get these days. Look for the small companies around where you live and see if they can add you to their teams to expand their capacity to take this new work. Work out a deal with the family of MyTechies around you – we have to hustle to help each other in this game there are no more government handouts – it’s up to us.

What working capital will I need?2021-04-12T15:47:22+02:00

This depends upon your own business running costs and the requirements of the job and what work you are expecting to take on. In most cases you will be required to cater for:

  • the job-related consumables and materials
  • your tools and equipment (including a suitable smart phone and laptop)
  • transport costs
  • airtime and data for your phone
  • any personal protective or safety equipment
  • team costs
  • insurance

This is also dependent on the volume of orders you will take on in the period and in most cases payments may take 30 days to come through from a corporate customer so you will bed to be able to manage your expenses for that period while you are wating to be paid.

You can only take what you can afford to do.

An invoice will only be presented on your behalf for payment once your customer has confirmed the job is complete and is in agreement with the adequacy of the quality of your work. MyTechie SA is pushing for all of your customers to pay within 30 days from the end of the month after an invoice has been presented for payment. You need to ensure you have sufficient to maintain your business until payment.

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