What is an Area Leader?

  • The Area Leader is top qualified and experienced MyTechie agent providing a competent customer and agent technician interface within their area and community.

  • These agents are independent contractors to MyTechie and not your employees. The area leader is not their line manager, they are a team leader and customer deliverable facilitator.

  • You should aim to motivate the team to maximise their opportunities by building up their available skill-sets through accredited training providers.

Make a Difference

  • This is your opportunity to make a difference to your community and to benefit from the collective effort of your team of agents in your local area.

  • This is not so much a ‘job’ such as you may have had in the past, there is no ‘supervisor’ looking over your shoulder all the time, you are accountable for your own time and productivity.

  • You are expected to take ownership of the work and its quality undertaken in your area and to be the problem solver on the ground.

  • The more effort you put in to developing a strong and competent team around you, the easier your job will be.

What does the role involve?


The Area Leader may need to facilitate any material logistics for the agent teams in the area where applicable and drive customer satisfaction.

Issue Resolution

You are expected to resolve any MyTechie customer related issues should any arise in your area regarding one of your agents.

Training and Support

As an Area Leader, you will have complete access to relevant training and support from the company to enable you to lead effectively.

Access to Transport

You’ll be based at home but are required to have access to transport so that you can visit local worksites and effectively deal with customer related issues that may arise.


You should be competent in the understanding, appreciation and execution of the activities within the domain of activities undertaken by the agents in your local area.


You will provide on-the-job technical guidance to agents, assisting them to successfully and independently complete jobs to the satisfaction and expected standard of the customer.

What are the expectations?

To maximise the successful completion of System Events in your area.

To identify and recruit new local technical agents into your team when required.

Mentorship and guidance of new technical agents and assistants.

To investigate and resolve any issues escalated by the MyTechie System.

Make a Difference to your Community

If you think you have what it takes to be an Area Leader, then speak to the MyTechie Country Manager to be considered.

Contact us for consideration